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How To's - La Crosse Floral

We are happy to assist you with the care of your plants!


Care for Plants

Each plant requires a different care.  For example, a pothos will not require as much care as an peace lily.  Indoor blooming plants are a joy to have but will not last forever.  When buying plants from La Crosse Floral, be sure to talk with our knowledgeable plant consultants in our Greenhouse to make sure the plants you are buying are just right for you.


The Importance of Fertilizer


What types of Fertilizer are there?

  • Granular Fertilizer – (Jack’s Classic) – Mix with water
  • Pelletized Fertilizer – (Osmocote) – Mix in soil
  • Liquid Fertilizer – (Neptune’s Harvest – Organic) – Mix with water
  • Liquid Fertilizer – (Fox Farm – Organic) – Mix with water


Fertilizer included in a Weed Preventer (Preen with Fertilizer).

  • Cow Manure – Mix in soil
  • Compost – Mix in soil


What do the numbers mean?

  • 20-20-20 (All Purpose
  • 10-30-20 (Booster)
  • 30-10-10 (Orchids)
  • 17-6-6 (Acid)


N = Nitrogen:  for strong stem and healthy green leaves

P = Phosphorus: for healthy roots and flowers!

K = Potassium: for overall health and disease resistance


The ratio is what is important.

For example:

20-20-20 is a 1:1:1 Ratio – All Purpose

10-30-20 is a 1:3:2 Ratio – Bloom Booster

17-6-6 is approximately a 3:1:1 Ratio – Acid Loving


So what should I use?

Most folks simply need a good ALL PURPOSE Fertilizer, especially for Indoor Plants.  We recommend you use any fertilizer at half strength.  Then you do not risk burning a plant.  Half strength every 2 weeks during our higher light months (think Easter to Thanksgiving) and half strength once a month when it is darker (Thanksgiving to Easter) is great for House Plants.  For outdoor plants, if they are flowering and you want lots of flowers, use a Blossom Bloom Booster.  But again, half strength.  And if you have plants in pots, do this every 2 weeks starting after planting and until Labor Day.

Pelletized Fertilizer such as Osmocote says it lasts the whole growing season, but scientific studies say NO!  It is fully used up after about 1 month.  So, whether Osmocote or bagged 10-10-10 pelletized, use some in the soil when you plant then 3 more times outside.  Start in June, tart in July, and start in August, then you are done for the season.

We hope this helps you.  For more specific information, please call us at (800) 658-9096 if long distance, or (608) 785-7333 if local.



A Few Essentials for Keeping Plants Alive

  1.  Set up a schedule for checking plant but not to water them.  Anticipate the weekends.
  2. Stick your finger at least 1 1/2 inches into the soil to check for darker color, stickiness, and coolness.  All three indicate moisture still present.
  3. Thin, dull, leaved plants dry out faster than hard, thick leaved plants.
  4. Water all plants twice when they are dry.  Spread water around, don’t just water in one spot in pot.  Try to give them the amount that will 5-7 days between watering.  If they stay wet 10 days or more it indicates too much water each time or water sitting at the bottom of the container or saucer.
  5. Use hard water if available.
  6. Yellow leaves at the base indicate over watering.
  7. Pour off any large amounts of water that may collect in the bottom of the container or the saucer under the plant.
  8. The more light the plants receive, the better they will grow.
  9. Turn all plants weekly so light is distributed to all sides.
  10. Only one person should be in charge of the plants.  If you are on vacation, make sure you have a replacement.


The above information is meant as a guide only and is not a guarantee of perfect results with your plants.  For more information on individual plant care and how-to’s, stop in for one-on-one assistance or call the Greenhouse at (608) 785-7333.